35 Master Artists in 5 Different Tracks

There are 5 tracks (A-E) that include 7 artists in each track for a total of 35 artists.  Most schools purchase at least one track so that they can teach an artist unit a minimum of once per month.  All 35 of our of our presentations have recently been updated – contact us to learn more!

Here are the artists that make up each track:

Each track includes an implementation guide with step-by-step instructions, PowerPoint slides, online art prints, game props and vocabulary words. We recommend purchasing complete tracks for consistency and allowing students to learn from a multitude of different artists throughout the year. All levels of instruction (Beg, Int and Adv) are included with unit or track purchases.

Learn more about how Meet the Masters works.

Take a closer look at the individual art lessons and projects for our 35 artists.

What’s Included in a Track

All Tracks Include 7 Artists with the Following:

  • Implementation guide (step by step)
  • Multiple levels of art lessons per artist
  • Artist lesson plan binders for 7 artists
  • Access to online art prints that can be downloaded, printed or projected
  • Props for assemblies
  • PowerPoint presentation for 7 artists
  • Color photo showing completed art activities
  • Student awards
  • Duplicating masters

Art Supplies, Training DVDs and Art Prints (can be added to order)

  • Art supplies:  kits contains 36 sets to create up to 750 projects per artist
  • Video training:  step by step video demo by MTM Staff for each level of art projects
  • Enhancements for assemblies and classrooms and  (limited by artist)
  • Digital art prints for each artist – no additional cost