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About Georges Seurat (1859-1891)

Georges Seurat was a French Post-Impressionist painter. Born in 1859, he is best known for his innovative techniques and his pioneering use of the scientific method in the creation of art. Seurat is considered one of the leading figures of the Pointillist movement, which sought to capture the effects of light and color in a scene. He was known for his precise, scientific approach to painting, and his works often convey a sense of harmony and balance.

Over time, Seurat's innovative techniques and imaginative depictions of modern life earned him a place as one of the greatest painters of all time. Today, Seurat's works can be found in major museums around the world, and he remains one of the most famous and beloved artists of all time.

Georges Seurat Art Lesson & Art Activity

The students discover the style of pointillism through the work of French artist, Georges Seurat. They will create their own “pointillism” masterpieces while learning and applying color theory. Be sure to click through the student masterpieces at the top of this page.

Art Elements Taught


Art Activity Emphasis

Pointillist Seascapes

Vocabulary Learned

color, complementary, impressionist, pointillism, reflection, shadow

Student Art Supplies

Crayons, Sandpaper
Art Lessons for Georges Seurat

How the Art Program Works:

1. Assembly

Introducing the Masters—Multi-Purpose Room or Classroom (20-45 minutes)

2. Student Worksheets

Learning from the Masters—Classroom (15-30 minutes)

3. Student Art Projects

Working with the Masters—Classroom (50-60 minutes)

Real Reviews from Real Teachers & Parents

See Why Everyone Loves Meet The Masters

The Meet the Masters art camp in Uganda was a great success! MTM was a highlight for the children, and it made it very simple and straightforward to teach. Thanks isn’t enough…the children and adults loved learning about the color wheel, art history, seeing famous pieces of art – plus, making their own masterpieces. I saw many children moved in new ways because of the art they experienced through the curriculum.

Amber Kaiser
Children of the Nations, Uganda, Africa

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