Historical, Culturally Diverse, Standards-Based Art Lessons to Inspire Young Artists

Meet the Masters is proud to work with millions students across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa and as far away as China!

We often receive testimonials from very satisfied educators and parents.  Please continue to share your feedback with us.  Here are a few recent comments:

Educators, Parents & Teachers Love Meet the Masters


testimonial_valerieMeet the Masters continues to entertain, educate and keep my kids interested in the art masters. We have been working with MTM and their teachers for many years now and I always recommend it to other teachers who want to get the most out of their art program.

Valerie Johnson, 4th Grade Teacher
Golden Elementary School, Placentia, CA



Teachers were able to implement the clearly written Meet the Masters lesson plan with ease. Our second graders were actively engaged during the Picasso lesson. They created their own abstract art and were proud to share their masterpieces with their families during Open House last year.  Overall, we were impressed with the material and the students enjoyed learning about Picasso. We will be doing the art project again this year to share at Open House.

Josh Barbera, 2nd Grade Teacher
Village Elementary School
Coronado, CA


testimonial_bethI have been so impressed with Meet the Masters and truly believe it has been an invaluable learning experience for my son.  He loved being exposed in creative and unique ways to history and cultures different than our own.  What an amazing program!

Beth Allin, Parent Volunteer
Fairlawn Elementary, Fort Pierce, FL


testimonial_rubenI am the director of Meet the Masters at REACH Leadership STEAM Academy in Riverside California. The children love the art projects and look forward to learning about artists every month. At the end of every school year we do an art gallery where we display the student’s artwork. The parents, students, and school staff all enjoy Meet the Masters!

Ruben Nolasco, Director
REACH Leadership STEAM Academy
Riverside, CA


testimonial_kristenMeet the Masters Art Program and their teachers have been a wonderful addition to Las Palmas Elementary School.  Our students love the engaging discussions about art and famous artists and greatly enjoy the actual art projects.  The students are a part of raising the funds each year to keep the program going and they love hearing they have reached the amount and art is returning.  Meet the Masters is an easy to implement program at any school, highly organized, and worth the money.

Kristen Nelson, Principal
Las Palmas Elementary School
San Clemente, CA


testimonial_lizzI first discovered MTM eight years ago at Legacy Prep Academy in Utah.  They needed volunteers.  I wanted to learn Art History myself, so I signed up to volunteer.   I was blown away!  It was simple, informative, and so much fun.  My own knowledge base was expanded considerably.  The structure of the scripted lesson plans made it so easy to present to students.  The MTM teaching experience has given me knowledge and skills that have served me well ever since.

Our family has moved twice since then and I’m now working at the local elementary school.  I have been involved in efforts to bring back Art and Music.  Remembering how fabulous MTM was, I looked them up.   We will be starting MTM this fall and I am beside myself with excitement!  Art history, technique, creative inspiration, cultural literacy!   All these things presented in a way that is fun and easy to retain.  It is a joy for the students and the adults lucky enough to be teaching them!

Lizz Davis, Elementary School Teacher
Castle Heights Elementary, Price,  Utah


As I begin to plan for our 5th year here at Providence Hall, I wanted to express my thanks to you for being such a great support to me this year. I am also happy to say that we have had an incredibly successful art program for our first 4 years and with Meet the Masters, we plan on that continuing. As the sole instructor for this program in my school, I have the privilege of watching the entire process unfold for our students. It is quite rewarding to take part in such an important (and unfortunately for many, forgotten) subject. I am a firm believer that art is one of the few things that can unite people of all cultures and diversities. Art is essential in educating children to the world around them and Meet the Masters is a great avenue for making that happen. I have received so many emails from parents expressing their appreciation for the high quality art program; the instruction, the art history and art skills taught to their children. We are a certified International Baccalaureate elementary school, which is rare. Meet the Masters is an exceptional program that supports our high standard of education.

Thank you again for all you have done,

Jill VanDongen, Art Director
Providence Hall Elementary
Herriman, Utah


After we taught the Frederick Remington lesson, a family with four kids was at a restaurant in Park City, Utah.  The children saw a painting on the wall and said it looked like a Remington. When they checked the signature, they were right!  After we taught the Vincent van Gogh lesson, a kindergarten student was at his aunt’s house. He was studying her calendar on the wall and announced that the picture was by van Gogh. Of course he was right. But more interesting is that it was a picture that we did not look at during our assembly.  He picked out the style and technique as a van Gogh!

I have been teaching assemblies and some classroom lessons for four years at our school now. The children always say hello to me with a big smile on their faces whenever we meet. They are happy to see me because they LOVE our art program.

One spring, we had a special literacy and art evening at our school. The children displayed books they had written and illustrated during the year, and we had them select their favorite Meet the Masters art project from the five artists we had studied so far. We matted, labeled and hung over 900 pieces of artwork all over the walls of the gym. The effect was astounding and very emotional. The children were so proud of their work. It was a magnificent night!

Lisa Fowler
MTM Committee Chair
Willow Springs Elementary
Draper, UT


The Meet the Masters art camp in Uganda was a great success! MTM was a highlight for the children, and it made it very simple and straightforward to teach. Thanks isn’t enough…the children and adults loved learning about the color wheel, art history, seeing famous pieces of art – plus, making their own masterpieces. I saw many children moved in new ways because of the art they experienced through the curriculum.

Amber Kaiser
Children of the Nations



I love MTM because it provides our kids with otherwise unavailable or limited art exposure. It gives them a chance to create and be inspired by amazing artists from different times in history, as well as within different mediums. Being a coordinator for MTM allows me the privilege of providing inspiration and creativity to kids just starting out on their educational journey- they never cease to amaze me with what they are able to express!

Liz Straight
Parent Coordinator, Antelope Hills Elementary School
Murrieta, CA


First off, I am a long time fan of Meet the Masters; I was lucky enough to be exposed to the curriculum during my time at Peters Canyon Elementary School. Fast forward a few years, I am 23 and a graduate of art history (I believe that my passion for the study of art began with Meet The Masters) and would love to pay this learning and creative endeavor forward to those that volunteered their time to teach students like me about these amazing artists!

Then I found your wonderful website and was overjoyed to find that I might purchase such a package! Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night was a personal favorite of mine and I am eager to purchase the curriculum for this artist. Thank you very much for your assistance and for this wonderful program; I can tell you first hand that it greatly impacted my life!

All students at St. Jude’s school participate in a wonderful art program called Meet the Masters. This is an extensive program in which the students are introduced to the masters of various art genres, ranging from modern art to classical art. They learn fundamental art terms and techniques such as drawing, sketching, shading, and painting.

Each year students are introduced to seven artists. There are three groups of artists, so students will be re-exposed to familiar artists every three years, just at a more advanced level. For instance, if your child learned about Rembrandt in Kindergarten, then they will revisit him in 3rd grade and again in 6th grade. Each session typically lasts two hours, and therefore teachers have the option of spreading out the content of the lesson. Classes are typically introduced to one artist per month (give or take). Lessons are divided into 3 levels- beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Some lessons additionally include a level just for the beginning artists in kindergarten.

The lesson begins by introducing the students to the selected artist via Power Point slides. The slides include photographs or portraits of the “master”, along with the artist’s works of art. Slides may also include other artists whose works have influenced the featured master. Teachers are given a full script to read and questions to ask while showing the slides, enhancing the students involvement in the learning process.

Next, the students are each given technique packets that help them become familiar with the art technique they will be using. The teacher shows a technique on the board, and the students are guided along as they practice the technique in their packets.

Once the students have practiced their techniques, they are ready to produce their own work of art! The school is equipped with various art mediums for the students to use in order to produce a piece of art that mimics that of the featured master. They are guided in a comfortably-paced, step-by-step process resulting in beautiful masterpieces.


St Jude the Apostle School
Westlake Village, CA


As a volunteer for my son’s school, Peace with Christ Christian School, in Aurora, Colorado, I recommended the Meet the Masters program to the art teacher and to the principal. One track was purchased the next year and another track was purchased the subsequent year. It was a joy to teach the children, grades K – 8, with the use of your program.

I used your program many years earlier, as a volunteer at my daughter’s school in Washington state. Volunteers moved between classrooms presenting van Gogh, Monet, etc. to children who were excited and enthusiastic about learning the Masters of art, because of the way the program presented the artist biography, broke down art techniques into manageable pieces, and enhanced the students artistic skills.

I continue to receive your emails and I stopped in to check the website today. I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed seeing the updated video – How It Works. It was inspiring!

Wishing you many years of continued success in bringing art and Meet the Masters to children, of all ages.

Lisa Gheno-Cuevas
Peace with Christ School
Aurora, Colorado

We just received our Meet the Masters shipment. We are excited about starting this program and our teacher is beyond excited to find all the materials that came with it. Thank you!

Suezan P. Turknett M Ed
Principal, Imagine Columbia Leadership Academy
Columbia, SC

The children, parents and I are thrilled with the program. As it is with every art teacher, I have made modifications and at times branch out with it. But overall, such a blessing!

Thank you again and Keep up the great work MTM!

Cat Coughlin
Flint Hills Christian School

I appreciate the program package that you offer. It has been helpful for us in our school to provide such a broad exposure to artists and genres. I’ve experienced many different methods of art instruction in various schools I’ve served. I’ve just completed my first year at my school as principal and this has been very valuable program for us.

David P. Robinson, Principal
Peace With Christ Christian School
Aurora, CO.

We’ve been very pleased with the program and parents have made many positive comments. Most of our elementary students know far more about art now than their parents. Keep up the good work!

Tim McDonald, Principal
Flint Hills Christian School,
Manhattan, KS

It’s amazing what MTM has done for our kids. It’s so cool to hear them talk about the artists and recognize their works. I’m very impressed with your program and so is Mono County Office of Education. The donation we received to buy all this came from a parent who loves you guys and volunteers teaching MTM.

Gaye Mueller
Mono Council for the Arts
Mammoth Elementary School
Bishop, CA

You have a super program here!

The Meet the Masters program has been a real blessing for not only my classroom, but also to me as an individual. I love learning about the lives of these artists, and then seeing the students apply the artists’ techniques themselves. Even if you already have a stock of “projects” that you rely on, Meet the Masters is a wonderful addition to your program. I recommend this to every teacher I know!

Dave Knittel
Principal, Beautiful Savior
Grove City, OH

We are so fortunate to have your Meet the Masters teachers here at our school – please keep them here!

Jayne Martin
Principal, Oso Grande Elementary School
Mission Viejo, CA

Hello Meet the Masters, I just wanted to pass along the great feedback I’ve been getting regarding Meet the Masters at Del Obispo Elementary. Kids and teachers alike love Meet the Masters and their instructors. We are thrilled to have an awesome and permanent instructor for the year.

Meet the Masters continues to amaze us with their assemblies.  They have great control of the room and know just how to corral the students.  I had a parent sit in during a Marc Chagall presentation and left truly inspired. The parent said, “I learned so much! I had no idea how much the kids are exposed to and taught in such a short period of time. What a great program!”

Thank you, Meet the Masters! Just wanted to say, “Job well done!”

Aileen Segal
Del Obispo PTA
MTM Coordinator

Working as a volunteer with the Meet the Masters program at my son’s school this past year has been such a great experience. I believe art programs help children build confidence and instill a sense of wonder and curiosity that helps foster creativity. Meet the Masters is so wonderful because it gives young children a taste of art fundamentals while teaching them about the many styles and techniques of artists from around the world and from different time periods. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing each child in my son’s first grade class create their own unique masterpiece.

Kim Aish
Harbour View Elementary School
Huntington Beach

Our school is always delighted to start the new year with Meet the Masters! Our students enjoy learning about the masters of art, plus are so excited to follow up with a teacher instructed art project – and they look fabulous on the walls of our classroom. The projects make Open House very special for students and parents alike! Thank you for providing us with a fabulous instructor and amazing art projects!

Donna Bradley
5th Grade GATE
Golden Elementary School
Placentia, CA

Meet the Masters provides a memorable curriculum that students comprehend and can take with them to adulthood. It is structured to engage the student’s curiosity through history lectures, art techniques, vocabulary and hands on experiences. I’ve seen the student’s confidence and creativity develop with the expanded knowledge of artist’s techniques. I have had parents and students return from family vacation eager to express their excitement of visiting art museums, sharing what they remembered from the Meet the Master program. Parents are amazed at their child’s retention. This program has all the elements of a complete comprehensive program with long lasting results.

Barbara Gauntner
Second Grade Teacher
Trabuco Mesa Elementary
Saddleback Valley Unified School District

While I was in elementary school, Meet the Masters visited twice and I was in awe by the whole experience. To this day I still think about the lessons I learned and still have my rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I would love to inspire young students the same way Meet the Masters instructors have inspired me and so many of us.

Jeanene Serna
Former Meet the Masters Student

I have been involved with and using the Meet the Masters Art Curriculum for about 20 years. I started out as a parent volunteer at my son’s former elementary school in South county, and then went on to facilitate and coordinate a Meet the Masters Art program at Maranatha Christian Academy in Santa Ana. This just goes to show how successful and user friendly this art program really is!

The biggest blessing for me, is being involved with such an amazing and diverse curriculum that draws kids in to the world of art, the lives of the artist, as well as the history behind the great masters. I know that their love of learning about art is translated into the many art projects that Meet the Masters offers. The MTM staff are here to assist you in designing your schools individual programs and offer you the support to make sure that you and your program will succeed.

Sue Linn, Teacher
Maranatha Christian Academy
Santa Ana, CA

Your handbooks spell it all out. It makes volunteering a no-brainer. And yes, I’m all signed up to be coordinator next year!

Aileen Segal
Meet the Masters Coordinator

Everyone just loves MTM. The PTA hopes to continue to fund this program. I have never heard a negative word about it. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but this is almost the only art exposure our kids are getting these days, so it means the world to all of us.

Norma Edwards
Parent Coordinator of MTM
Madison Elementary

We love Meet the Masters! It’s so much fun to see how excited the kids are when we come into their classrooms with the MTM supplies. It’s such a great program. You never know how much they really absorb, but months after the lesson I’ve seen kids identify works. Not too long ago I overheard kids discussing some art posters that were in the library. One said “That’s an impressionist painting” and the other agreed and said he thought it was Renoir! That was cool. I’m so glad to be a part of such a great program.

Tiffany O’Brien
MTM Coordinator, Las Palmas Elementary
San Clemente, CA

I am always amazed when I see a child who does not think they are an artist, create a piece of art that puts a smile on their face. It is so important to help all the students explore their creative sides. Thinking creatively will help our children in their future careers, to problem solve and be innovative, no matter what that career may be. Meet the Masters is a wonderful program that exposes the children to so many amazing mediums and artistic styles. The step by step instruction creates a comfortable environment for all children to excel and explore their creative side.

Patty Robert
Art Advocate Del Lago Elementary
Orange County, CA

Thank you so much for all your support while providing our school with your program. I am very happy it worked out for us to have Meet the Masters again. Thanks again for a great program and for being a dependable and honest program manager/owner!

Janet Smith
Parent Coodinator

On a personal note, THANK YOU for the amazing program you have put together for kids to gain art appreciation and become little art masters themselves. I am a HUGE art lover and to see my daughters and my students enthralled by the masters of our time is a joyous sight! They are having a ball and it is taking our instructional program to a new richness and depth. Thank you again!

Malena P.
First Grade Dual Immersion Teacher
Norton Space & Aeronautics Academy

Meet the Masters is a wonderful art education and enrichment program for elementary school children. My students have benefited from the superb instruction of our MTM onsite teacher (Mrs. Warner) for several reasons. First, she gives a grade level assembly about the artist in focus. She tells students about the artist’s life. She shows slides of the artist’s work and introduces key vocabulary to describe the artist’s particular style. When the children step into the art room to work on their art project based on the artist’s style, they have important background knowledge. I hear my students talking amongst themselves about cool colors, warm colors, pointillism, brush strokes, creating layers and why their piece may be abstract or impressionist work. They are proud to have their work displayed in class afterward. Finally, as a result of the Meet the Masters program, students go about their day with a broader view of looking at their world. Sometimes they see pictures from a story they read and it reminds them of a certain artist’s style they have learned about. Meet the Masters art program enriches students lives in many ways. I highly recommend this program to other schools or educational institutes.

Leigh Gracey, 2nd Grade Teacher
Temecula Luiseno Elementary School

Unfortunately, this is my last year in elementary school and I will miss working with the Meet the Masters program. Keep up the good work and keep sharing the world of art with our children! THANK YOU!

Julie Yang
Antelope Hills Elementary in Murrieta

The [Meet the Masters] program is excellent and meets all of the National Visual Arts Standards.

Susan Denvir
JFK Center For the Performing Arts, DC

Hi MTM, I received an e-mail from the volunteer that usually teaches my daughter’s class and she asked if I could teach Renoir this time around. I just did the sample project with my son tonight and I have to tell you that this is my favorite project! My son was amazed at how the reflection of the trees showed up after painting the water. What a great project and I am so happy to be teaching this lesson! I just had to share that with you.

Lori, Parent Volunteer

My name is Michelle J. and I am a parent of a first grader at Vista Del Mar and chair of this program for the 2010-2011 school year for our k-5th graders. Little did I know when I signed up for this job that it was the “favorite” program of our teachers and students! Somehow Bonnie Steele (MTM founder) has managed to bring together top notch art educators who tell a story about the artists in the form of an assembly and then sends in teachers to instruct the students in the classroom. The students come home with some incredible art pieces that they will most likely keep forever. Best of all they make it so fun and interesting that the students remember details about the artists’ life, and their masterpieces. My daughter would come home from kindergarten and tell me about Matisse or Rembrandt and she still recognises paintings when she sees them. Bonnie has made “Art into Science” by they way she has organized her materials. Anyone can learn very quickly how to coordinate the cutting, sorting organizing and delivering of the art supplies and projects to the classroom. The end result is fantastic and the lifelong impressions are invaluable! This is one program our PTA insists upon and I can tell you from first hand experience the parents are very impressed too!!!

Thank you Bonnie for developing a fantastic program for our “young impressionables” I sure wish I had a program like this when I was impressionable! Its never too late for me to learn however, so I take the opportunity to show up to an assembly and to also volunteer in my kids classroom when she has her Meet The Masters Day.

If you decide to sign up and need any help or advice please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have lots of good tips!

Michelle J.
Vista Del Mar Parent
San Clemente, CA

I love your program and how it keeps the arts alive in our schools.


Rosalee Sparks
Placentia, CA Parent Volunteer

It’s an opportunity to include a number of other lessons… I’ve never seen a program that provides this integration, and goes beyond the silly, little holiday crafts.”

Karen Romito
Lakewood Asst. Principal

It has been a while since we have talked.  I wanted to tell you how wonderful the program is going here at our school.  The children are very engaged and enthusiastic at the start of every artist.  We are continually learning and developing new art skills.  The knowledge that the children are obtaining about different time periods and different styles of art is amazing.  The program is super easy to follow and the cost of materials for the projects has been minimal, which is great for a school on a tight budget.  I just wanted to say thank you for offering such a educational, user friendly, and economically sound program to the schools of this nation.

Thank You!
Paciencia Polk
Imagine Schools Tempe, AZ

As long as students, teachers, schools, and our communities are convinced that achievement is best illustrated as color and numbers on a chart or graph, as long as we are satisfied that education without the arts is education enough, we will continue to be left behind–left behind and left out of a world where thinking outside the bubble is not only a valued and sought-after trait but one necessary to our very survival.

Kim Labinger
California Teacher of the Year, 2005

This program is a great way for schools to include parent volunteers.J. R. Smith School in Heber, Utah won a statewide award for The Most Innovative Use Of Volunteers.

Janet McQuarre
Cultural Arts Chairman

“This really brings students out,” Beard said. “Some of the students who are so quiet really come alive when they become involved in these projects.”

Sandra Beard
Art Teacher

Parents tell me all the time, “It’s amazing my kids recognize this art when they see it in places.”

This also gives them a chance to touch professional-quality art supplies, too, and just get a taste of what’s out there at a young age!

Elizabeth Harrigan
Parent, Volunteer

On behalf of all the teachers and students of dePortola Elementary School, I’d like to commend you for providing an outstanding first year of Meet the Masters for our school. The quality of your program is excellent. The teachers felt their students truly learned to recognize the works and styles of the great masters that they were introduced to. We appreciated the variety of classroom art projects presented.

Dawn Gonzalez, our lecturer, was well liked by teachers and students. She is professional and responsive to each age group of students. I also found her to be excellent as our coordinator and workshop presenter. We felt very fortunate that she was with us.

Our principal, Bonnie Chadd, has also been enthusiastic and supportive of the Meet the Masters program. We both will always be pleased to recommend your program to other elementary schools.

Suzanne Helmstetter
Teacher, dePortola Elementary School

The children’s favorites were the truly creative explorations in the artists’ techniques, which, while implementing a particular style, allow a great measure of freedom in how one may use the method and media toward individual expression.

Shay Seaborne

My 10-year-old daughter surprised me when she recognized a Picasso. “This was his blue period”, she said. “How did you know that”, I asked. Her reply was, “I learned about Picasso at Meet The Masters”. I’m thrilled our school supports this program!

Janet W.
Parent, Mission Viejo, CA

We have been enjoying Meet the Masters at Friends Christian School for about 7 years. I am so impressed with the program. It has taught the children not only facts about a particular artist but also a love of art. Many of the students who are not excelling academically find a talent or expression in art that they may not find anywhere else. This builds their self-confidence. I have seen this time and time again. Our MTM teacher has been such an inspiration to our students with her passion and enthusiasm. The way she leads the assembly with slides, hands-on objects, facts, and background of the artist has the kids so intently listening it is amazing. The children are able to recall facts about the artist long after the project, because it is taught in such an interesting and exciting way. Being someone who loves art and creativity I wanted to thank you for this program for our school and thank you for sending a teacher who loves what she does. We are truly blessed.

Kayla Jernigan
Friends Christian School
Yorba Linda, CA

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but this is almost the only art exposure our kids are getting these days, so it means the world to all of us.

Teacher, Madison Elementary

MTM is a valuable experience and loved by all!

Aliso Viejo Christian School Teacher