Historical, Culturally Diverse, Standards-Based Art Lessons to Inspire Young Artists

3rd Graders Meet Joan Miró

Jan 23
Spanish painter Joan (pronounced Juan) Miró (1893-1983) was a painter who third graders could relate to; unlike some artists, whose works were picture perfect and realistic, Miró thrived on imperfection, actually preferring to start each artistic endeavor with a mistake. When a blob of paint would accidentally make its way on to

5th Graders Meet Henri Rousseau

Nov 17
 When a classroom full of fifth graders learned they would be studying the French artist Henri Rousseau, none of them had ever heard of him before. As the first half of the Meet the Masters lesson was presented by two parent volunteers, students learned that the post-impressionist artist Rousseau,

Sneak Peek of Henri Matisse Art Program

Sep 28
Henri Matisse – Abstract Sea Life Compositions Pretend you are in a submarine diving deeper and deeper into the ocean. Bubbles rush up as the water gets deeper and darker. Shapes and colors emerge as you peer out your porthole. Fish, eels and seaweed become visible in the murky water.

How Meet the Masters Helps Schools Find Wonderful Art Volunteers

Apr 27
The brightest stars are those who shine for the benefit of others. Yes, it’s easy to find inspiration quotes about volunteering. Certainly, filling volunteer openings is more challenging. Meet the Masters art education program is designed for success, and that includes help with recruiting and training volunteers to teach and

Sneak Peek at M. C. Escher Art Curriculum

Mar 22
M. C. Eshcer Education experts talk about the benefits of art education and how it increases students’ performance across disciplines, expanding language development, strengthening critical thinking skills and more. M. C. Escher provides a good example of how art education benefits students in other subjects. Meet the Masters students learn

Art Lesson Plans for Elementary School Teachers Focused on History, Standards & Inspiration

Feb 07
Historical, Culturally Diverse, Standards-Based Art Lessons to Inspire Young Artists Meet the Masters has been providing K-8 art curriculum for over 30 years.  The lessons are timed, scripted and can be implemented by classroom teachers or parent volunteers.  Training DVDs and art supplies can be added to the purchase of

A Sneak Peek at Winslow Homer Art Curriculum – “Beware of snakes and mice.”

Feb 02
Winslow Homer was an American artist who lived on the East Coast in the late 1800’s. He valued his privacy, and found that the warning sign, “Beware of snakes and mice,” posted on his studio door helped keep tourists and snoopers at bay. Meet the Masters students learn how Homer

Art Curriculum That Will Blow Your Creative Mind – Not Your PTO/School Budget

Nov 15
Rembrandt masterpieces from 2nd & 3rd graders. Meet the Masters offers 35 different artists to elementary school students.  Lessons are historically-based, align with state standards and can be easily implemented by either teachers or volunteers.  Most schools purchase a track of artists (7 artists) and supplies for less than $2600.

Sneak Peek at Mary Cassatt Art Curriculum

Nov 15
Mary Hanging “I would almost rather see you dead.” Such was the reaction of Mary Cassatt’s father when she nervously told him she wanted to become a professional artist. Was she successful? Meet the Masters students will discover the answer. Step 1: Introducing the Master In the multi-media assembly, Meet

Faith Ringgold Story Time – Our Last Living Master Artist

Oct 31
Earlier this month, Faith Ringgold read a story via NPR. Not only is she the last living artist that Meet the Masters teaches, but she continues to mesmerize us with her insight and creativity. Happy birthday Faith. Related: Faith Ringgold art projects from Meet the Masters.