Historical, Culturally Diverse, Standards-Based Art Lessons to Inspire Young Artists

Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  Is Meet the Masters assembly or classroom based?

Actually, it’s both.  Meet the Masters teaches art appreciation through engaging, educator-led presentations.  The students learn about the history, cultures and lives of the Master Artists via PowerPoint, large art prints, props, games, dress ups, and voices and music of the associated historical era.  It is highly motivational and always age appropriate.  There is additional instruction in the classroom with our proven technique packets that reinforce the style of the artist before the children start the art activity.

This 3-Step learning process has proven to be very comprehensive and successful.  Since 1985, over 3 million students have been taught and every school that has implemented the program has been 100% satisfied.

2.  Who should teach Meet the Masters in the classroom?

Meet the Masters can be taught by an art instructor, school staff, parent volunteers or any combination of the above.  Each artist unit offers step-by-step instructions for all 3 steps of the curriculum.  In addition, we offer training DVDs for both teachers and volunteers to get you up to speed fast.  It can be taught by parents or teachers at their school or one of our professional art teachers if your school is in Southern California.

3.  Does the curriculum meet the Common Core and State Standards?

Many states share the same framework requirements for the arts.  Click here to see a complete listing of how our curriculum is integrated with the Common Core and state standards for all grade levels.

4.  Can art supplies be purchased from Meet the Masters?

Yes, we have incredibly competitive pricing on our art supplies because we purchase them in such large quantities.  Please review the below PDFs to learn what schools can purchase from Meet the Masters versus what they can supply.  Note that MTM does not supply paper, glue or scissors.

5.  What are the Artist Units for the first Track/Year (Track A)?

Track A Artist Units: Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Winslow Homer, Mary Cassatt, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso and M.C. Escher.  View Artists In Tracks A – E.  Your school can start with any track, but most schools choose Track A.  See all 5 Tracks here.

We selected these Masters for their exciting artwork, unique lives, style of art, and the elements dominant in their artwork (color, texture, balance, rhythm, value, line, pattern, etc. ) The children learn and use these elements and styles in their own artwork. The results are outstanding and memorable!  View MTM Art Gallery.

6.  How do I know the lessons are age appropriate and well received by students?

A team of experienced art teachers, lead by a credentialed elementary teacher, work on the development of all lessons.  When fine-tuned, the lessons are then classroom tested in the corresponding grade levels.  If changes are needed, editing is done, and it is classroom tested again until we are assured of an optimum and enjoyable learning experience for all ability levels.  Be sure to read testimonials from parents and teachers and view our student art gallery.

7.  What comes packaged with the Meet the Masters curriculum?

There are 5 tracks (A-E) that include 7 artists in each track for a total of 35 artists. Each track includes an implementation guide with step-by-step instructions, PowerPoint slides, visual aids, online art prints, game props and vocabulary words.  Educator training DVDs and art supplies for classrooms are sold separately.  If you buy an individual artist unit, it comes with by-step instructions, PowerPoint slides, visual aids, online art prints, game props and vocabulary words.

8.  What are the minimum computer / software requirements to run the presentation PowerPoint?

Each artist and track (of 7 artists) comes with their own PowerPoint CD.  Many artists also include a PDF of the presentation as a backup if you do not have PowerPoint installed.  Here are the minimum requirements:

  • Works on both Mac and PC computers/laptops
  • PCs need to be running Windows 7 or higher
  • Macs need to be running Mac OS X or higher
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or higher
  • Contact us if you have additional questions.

9.  How long does it take to prep and teach the 3 steps of the program for each artist?

Times may vary depending on class size and artist, but here is a general breakdown of each step and how long it takes to prep and implement it:

  • Step 1:  Introducing the Masters (Assemblies):  Takes about an hour to get familiar with the slides (images) and script.  Allow 20-45 minutes to implement in the assembly with the students.
  • Step 2:  Learning from the Masters (Technique Packets):  Takes about 20 minutes to review and prep by making copies for each child.  Allow 15-30 minutes to implement in the classroom with the students.
  • Step 3:   Working with the Masters (Art Projects):  Takes about 1 hour to make a sample project before teaching it.  Plan to spend an additional hour prepping supplies as detailed in the curriculum binder.  Allow 50-60 minutes to implement in the classroom with the students.

10.  How does Meet the Masters select artists?

We have been researching and refining our art curriculum for over 30 years.  We provide art enrichment on multi-cultural artists that meet the following items:

  • Significance in art history
  • Representation of major periods in art
  • Interest and appropriateness for children
  • Art elements to be introduced and explored

11.  How do schools typically fund Meet the Masters?

Schools use varying sources to fund the program:

  • PTA / PTO
  • School District
  • Grants
  • Fundraising
  • Individual Donations
  • State Department of Education

12.  Why implement Meet the Masters at your school?

It’s Proven:

Art education can improve students’ scores in core subjects up to 20%. Since 1985, over 3 million students have been taught and no school has returned the product.  100% of the schools have been satisfied and many have purchased multiple tracks.

It’s Easy:

No art background needed to teach. Simple step-by-step curriculum.  We’ve done the work for you!

It’s Fun:

Kids love the artist voices, interactive assemblies with costumes, era music, hundreds of images, and creating their own masterpieces!

It’s Age-Appropriate:

3-4 Difficulty Levels based on learning capabilities assure a perfect fit for each and every student.


Beginner: Grades 1 – 2
Intermediate: Grades 3 – 4
Advanced: Grades 5 – 8+

13.  How do I get pricing or speak to a curriculum specialist?

Click here to get pricing.  For additional questions or to place an order, contact us directly.