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Explore the wonders of Leonardo's art with our dynamic art lesson plans & art program specially crafted for elementary students! Our engaging art programs draw inspiration from the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, offering hands-on activities designed to ignite creativity and curiosity in young minds.

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About Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance artist, inventor, and polymath. Born in 1452, he is widely considered one of the greatest artists of all time, and is best known for his paintings, The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. He was also a prolific inventor, with drawings and notes covering a range of subjects from flying machines to anatomy. Da Vinci was a true Renaissance man, with his interests and talents spanning the arts and sciences.

He was a master of several mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and engineering, and his works continue to be celebrated for their incredible detail and innovative techniques. Today, Leonardo's legacy continues to inspire new generations of artists, scientists, and thinkers, and his works remain some of the most famous and beloved in the world.

Leonardo Da Vinci Art Lesson, Program & Projects for Elementary Students

Students learn about Leonardo da Vinci and how he is best known for his realistic portraits. He was a master at studying the lines and shape of a person’s face. Students love creating their own Renaissance portraits and the detail of proportions of the human face. Be sure to click through the student masterpieces at the top of this page.

Art Elements Taught

Line, Value

Art Activity Emphasis

Renaissance Portraits, Proportions of Face

Vocabulary Learned

contrast, detail, line, portrait, realism, Renaissance

Student Art Supplies

Markers, Paint Swabs
Art Lessons for Leonardo da Vinci

How the Art Program Works:

1. Assembly

Introducing the Masters—Multi-Purpose Room or Classroom (20-45 minutes)

2. Student Worksheets

Learning from the Masters—Classroom (15-30 minutes)

3. Student Art Projects

Working with the Masters—Classroom (50-60 minutes)

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You have a super program here!

The Meet the Masters program has been a real blessing for not only my classroom, but also to me as an individual. I love learning about the lives of these artists, and then seeing the students apply the artists’ techniques themselves. Even if you already have a stock of “projects” that you rely on, Meet the Masters is a wonderful addition to your program. I recommend this to every teacher I know!

Dave Knittel
Principal, Beautiful Savior, Grove City, OH

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