Piet Mondrian Art Lesson

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Explore the iconic geometric compositions of Piet Mondrian with our enriching art lesson plans and projects suitable for all ages, including kindergarten. Delve into Mondrian is famous for his grid-like compositions consisting of rectangular shapes, primary colors, and black and white lines. Through hands-on activities inspired by Mondrian's artwork, students will learn about abstraction and balance, creating their own vibrant compositions while developing foundational drawing skills.

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About Piet Mondrian (1872-1944)

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch abstract painter, best known for his contributions to the De Stijl art movement and his pioneering work in abstract art. Born in 1872, Mondrian is famous for his grid-like compositions consisting of rectangular shapes, primary colors, and black and white lines. He believed that art should express universal harmony and order, and his works are characterized by their simplicity, geometric precision, and use of color.

Over time, Mondrian's style evolved from representational landscapes to completely non-objective abstractions. Today, his works are widely recognized for their innovative techniques and continue to be celebrated for their beauty and significance in the history of modern art. Mondrian remains one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and his works can be found in major museums around the world.

Piet Mondrian Art Lesson, Activity & Projects for Elementary

Your students will discover the abstract art of Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian. His balanced compositions expose the children to a new style of art in which lines and geometric shapes are used to express mood and feeling. In their classrooms, the children create Mondrian-type balanced compositions. Be sure to click through the student masterpieces at the top of this page.

Art Elements Taught


Art Activity Emphasis

Designs Showing Line, Color, Balance

Vocabulary Learned

abstract, balance, composition, horizontal, rhythm, vertical

Student Art Supplies

Craft Sticks, Markers, Colored Paper

How the Art Program Works:

1. Assembly

Introducing the Masters—Multi-Purpose Room or Classroom (20-45 minutes)

2. Student Worksheets

Learning from the Masters—Classroom (15-30 minutes)

3. Student Art Projects

Working with the Masters—Classroom (50-60 minutes)

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