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About the Artist

Maria Martinez (1881-1980)
The history and culture of the Southwest Pueblo Indians is integrated with the introduction of master potter, Maria Martinez. The steps in making pottery are explored in preparation for the students to shape and decorate their own pottery.






Native American



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Maria Martinez Curriculum & Art Projects for Kids

Art Elements Taught

Three Dimensional Shape

Art Activity Emphasis

Pueblo Pottery with Native American Symbols

Student Art Supplies

adobe, coiling, decorate, design, matte, pattern, polychrome, pottery, shape

Vocabulary Learned

balance, composition, contrast, detail, realistic, studio, symmetry, texture, value

This artist unit is part of Track E along with six other artists.  All tracks include:

  • Implementation guide to manage scheduling, volunteers & communication
  • Multi-level, age-appropriate curriculum for all seven artists in this track
  • Engaging PowerPoint visuals that include vocabulary, art concepts & music
  • Timed, illustrated & scripted lessons perfect for teachers or volunteers
  • Hands-on technique worksheets, art project details, art prints, games & props
    *Art supplies and teacher/volunteer training DVDs can be added to your order.

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