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Top Reasons to Choose Meet the Masters Art Lessons

Easy to Teach, Standards-Based Lessons

Engaging Art History & Activities

Age Appropriate Artist Units (4 Levels)

Unique & High Quality Art Supplies

35+ Years of 😊 Schools & Districts

Over 3 Million Students Taught

Meet the Masters has been providing engaging elementary school art lessons to schools and districts since 1985. All 35 artist units come in K-8 grade levels, and are organized into 5 artist tracks.

Art lessons are VAPA standards-based and researched so that it can be taught by teachers, docents, or parent volunteers without having to create your own curriculum— we’ve made it easy for you!

Meet the Masters teaches art history to students from all over the United States as well as international schools. Our art curriculum is easy to teach, historically based, culturally diverse and will inspire your students.

Why Meet the Masters is The Best Art Curriculum for Elementary?

Meet the Masters is the best art curriculum for elementary students, featuring engaging lessons, interactive activities, and strong teacher support to foster creativity and critical thinking.


of Satisfied Schools


Years Experience


Master Artists


of Students Inspired & Engaged

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The Value of Meet the Masters

Written by Credentialed Teachers

Over 35 Years of Proven Results / 100% Satisfied

Culturally Diverse Artists with Focus on Art History

4 Levels of Age Appropriate Timed & Scripted Lessons (Including Kindergarten)

Art Supplies & Teacher Training Videos or Packaged Art Supplies Ready to Go

Aligned with Common Core Standards

Unique Supplies Including Clay, Wire, Foil, Oil Pastels & More

No Previous Art Background Needed to Teach

Curriculum Owned Outright with no Mandatory Annual Costs