Leonardo da Vinci Art Projects for Kids

Leonardo da Vinci
Italian (1452-1519)

Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci is best known for his realistic portraits.  He was a master at studying the lines and shape of a person’s face.  He very slowly and carefully observed the textures, shapes, and unique details for his drawings and oil paintings.

Art Concepts Taught: Portrait Line Drawings

Media: Markers, Q-tips, Water

2nd graders display their renaissance portraits after learning about Leonardo da Vinci.

Working as a volunteer with the Meet the Masters program at my son’s school this past year has been such a great experience. I believe art programs help children build confidence and instill a sense of wonder and curiosity that helps foster creativity. Meet the Masters is so wonderful because it gives young children a taste of art fundamentals while teaching them about the many styles and techniques of artists from around the world and from different time periods. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing each child in my son’s first grade class create their own unique masterpiece.

Kim Aish
Harbour View Elementary School
Huntington Beach

We offer 5 tracks that cover 35 Masters that will engage young artists through the wonderful world of art history and hands-on learning.   Most schools buy tracks, but we also sell curriculum by individual artist.

We have eight female artists and offer a very diverse and multi-cultural art curriculum.  The Meet the Masters experience allows your students to discover and learn from the most celebrated and talented artists in the world.

Each track includes an implementation guide with step-by-step teaching instructions, Powerpoint slides, scripts, visual aids, art prints, game props and vocabulary words.  Art supplies and training DVDs for teachers are sold separate from the curriculum.  For pricing, click here.

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