Historical, Culturally Diverse, Standards-Based Art Lessons to Inspire Young Artists

Rosa Bonheur

balance, composition, contrast
detail, realistic, studio
symmetry, texture, value

Alexander Calder

abstract, balance, mobile
sculpture, stabile, three-dimensional

Mary Cassatt

composition, contrast, impressionist
overlapping, pastel, portrait

Paul Cezanne

contrast, critique, depth
horizontal, landscape, overlapping
palette, pattern, portrait
shape, still life, vertical

Marc Chagall

balance, composition, contrast
movement, pattern, shape

Leonardo Da Vinci

contrast, detail, line
portrait, realism, Renaissance

Edgar Degas

asymmetrical, critique, cropped
depth, impressionist, movement
negative, overlapping, pastel
perspective, sculpture, symmetrical

M. C. Escher

design, detail, overlapping
pattern, realism, tessellation

Paul Gauguin

background, contrast, decorate
foreground, impressionist, landscape
palette, portrait, value

Katsushika Hokusai
& The Asian Brush

calligraphy, contrast, detail
landscape, negative, stamp

Winslow Homer

contrast, horizon, illustrator
realistic, value, watercolor

Edward Hopper

composition, contrast, detail
horizontal, line, mood
realistic, shadow, vertical

Frida Kahlo

color, contrast, overlapping
realistic, still life, texture

Paul Klee

abstract, medium, movement
texture, value, watercolor

Gustav Klimt

decorate, landscape, pattern
portrait, shape, texture

Jacob Lawrence

abstract, depth, flat
geometric, mood, overlapping
pattern, shape, theme

Maria Martinez

adobe, coiling, decorate
design, matte, pattern
polychrome, pottery, shape

Henri Matisse

abstract, composition, contrast
design, medium, motif
negative, positive, shape

Michelangelo Buonarroti

architect, detail, highlight
mosaic, realistic, Renaissance
sculptor, sculpture, shadows

Joan Miro

abstract, contours, line
mood, overlap, shape
space, still life, surrealism

Piet Mondrian

abstract, balance, composition
horizontal, rhythm, vertical

Claude Monet

analogous, canvas, color
complementary, critique, impressionist
palette, primary, reflection

Georgia O’Keeffe

abstract, contrast, scale
shade, tint, value

Pablo Picasso

abstract, composition, cubism
pattern, portrait, profile

Rembrandt Van Rijn

composition, etching, highlight
portrait, profile, shadow

Frederic Remington

background, bronze, detail
foreground, illustrator, landscape
realistic, sculptor, sculpture

Pierre Auguste Renoir

color wheel, complementary, composition
contrast, impressionist, palette
portrait, reflection, shadow

Faith Ringgold

abstract, color, designer
frame, horizontal, pattern
shape, story quilt, vertical

Norman Rockwell

detail, illustrator, landscape
layout, mood, silhouette

Henri Rousseau

background, detail, foreground
realistic, shape, value

Georges Seurat

color, complementary, impressionist
pointillism, reflection, shadow

Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec

calligraphic, horizontal, line
outline, poster, vertical

Vincent Van Gogh

background, brush strokes, foreground
self-portrait, spiral, texture

Andy Warhol

advertising, illustrator, pop art
portfolio, repetition, shape

Grant Wood

landscape, parallel, pattern
perspective, portrait, texture