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Job Description for Assistant to Regional Manager (ARM)


Meet the Masters has been providing art education to K-8 schools for over 30 years.  We are expanding our team to by adding an assistant position to back-up our Regional Managers (RM).  By shadowing under RM, this position will have opportunity to grow into RM position.   


  • Evaluations
    • Sent and received by ARM
    • Completed evaluations to be sent to RM
  • Schedules/Contracts
    • ARM is responsible for collecting schedules/contracts
    • Assist managers with arranging substitutes
  • Shadowing RM during each phase of hiring (1 time per activity)
    • Interview
    • Observation
    • Exit Interview
  • District Paperwork
    • ARM to manage district packets for schools (forms, tax IDs, etc.)
  • Marketing Post-Cards (Feb/March only)
    • Research former and new schools to contact
    • Supply RM with leads for RM to send cards to
  • Teacher Plans (MTM Teachers – goals, availability)
    • Send form and gather completed forms for RM
  • Training
    • Training meeting
    • ARM will be copied on emails for both training and back-up
  • Back-Up RM during time out of the office (ex. vacation)

Activities By Month:

  • Sept-Oct:  Training Mtg; Collect Schedules/Contracts, Proof of Insurance Requests, District Paperwork
  • Nov-Dec:  Shadow New Teacher Observation & Report
  • Jan-Feb:  Staff Evaluation Forms; Teacher Returning Survey Forms
  • Mar-Apr:  Marketing Research, Shadow One Applicant Interview / Sales Call
  • May-June:  Shadow One Observation/Exit interview
  • All Months-Assist Managers with Arranging Substitutes.

$17 per hour (5 hours per week-variable by season)

Additional Benefits:
Assistant Regional Manager will be building skills that qualify them for promotion to Regional Manager as the business (and territory) grows.   Regional Managers earn commission and fees as new schools are added.

To Apply:

Please send your resume to jobs@meetthemasters.com  with “Assistant Regional Manager” in the subject line.

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