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November 23, 2022

Prop 28 to Fund Arts Education in California

Prop 28 Passed – California To Fund Arts Education!

This is a wonderful victory for California students! All children benefit from arts education, which is proven to contribute to language development, strengthen critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as improve overall academic performance. Beginning next fall, California students will not only have the JOY of the arts, but also the incredible educational benefits!

What is Included in “Arts and Music” Education?

“Arts and Music” encompasses a variety of subjects, such as dance, media arts, music, theater, and various types of visual arts, which includes photography, craft arts, computer coding, and graphic design.

Where Does the Money Come From?

Prop 98 establishes the minimum funding guaranteed for California public schools in the state budget, which is paid from the general fund. Prop 28 requires the state to add an amount equal to 1% of the Prop 98 funding for music and arts education.

How Much Will Schools Receive?

The passage of this proposition is expected to pour more than $900 million a year of new funding for arts education in K-12 schools, all without raising taxes. All schools will receive some funding for each student. Schools serving many low-income students will receive a bit more money. 

Who Spends the Money?

The principal or program director is required to determine the spending plan for their school site’s funds. They can expand their current arts program or develop completely new programs to fulfill this requirement.

What are the Spending Requirements?

Schools with 500 or more students must spend at least 80% of the funding to employ teachers. Schools with fewer than 500 students will not have this requirement. The remaining funding can be used for training, supplies and materials, and for arts educational partnership programs.

How Can Meet the Masters Help?

Meet the Masters is the perfect solution to provide art education for students. Our VAPA standards-based curriculum offers 35 master artists selected because of their significance in art history, their representation of major periods in art, their interest and appropriateness for children and the art elements to be introduced and explored. Our lesson plans are completely scripted, timed and illustrated – designed to be taught successfully by parents, school staff, teachers or any combination. Meet the Masters also has service school options where we teach the assemblies and or classroom lessons for the 2023/24 school year.

Get a Meet the Masters Quote Today!

Start preparing for your new arts funding by receiving a no-obligation quote today. Contact Sue McNair at 949-215-1064 or sue@meetthemasters.com to start planning your California art program for your school or district. 

Quotes for our service models the 2023/24 school will be available starting April 2023 contact Sonya Stone sonya@meetthemasters.com.

For more information on Prop 28, visit https://voterguide.sos.ca.gov/propositions/28/

For over 35 years, teachers, parents and volunteers all over the country have implemented Meet The Masters to provide quality art education that students love.  Millions of k-8 students have created their own art masterpieces after learning from Meet the Masters.