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April 27, 2017

How Meet the Masters Helps Schools Find Wonderful Art Volunteers

The brightest stars are those who shine for the benefit of others.

Yes, it’s easy to find inspiration quotes about volunteering. Certainly, filling volunteer openings is more challenging. Meet the Masters art education program is designed for success, and that includes help with recruiting and training volunteers to teach and assist in Meet the Masters classes. It may be easier than you think.

MTM Makes it Easy – This is the first rule of volunteer recruiting, and MTM provides the tools. All lessons have easy-to-follow scripts so there is no research or second guessing. In addition to being fully scripted, the art lesson has the timing listed which keeps volunteers on track to finish exactly on schedule.

MTM Makes it Universal – Anyone can volunteer. With MTM’s step-by-step instructions, your volunteers don’t need a teaching or art background to contribute to this program.

MTM Makes it Visual – “We will train you!” Those words have power when spoken to a potential volunteer. MTM’s Training DVDs show exactly how to teach the art project. Your volunteers can watch an experienced teacher create the art project, learning tips along the way.

MTM Makes it Flexible – Your volunteers will be happy to train the way they feel most comfortable. Those who prefer a group setting can get together and have fun reviewing the script while creating their sample art project. Busy volunteers or those who prefer to work independently can take materials home and review them at their convenience.

MTM Makes it Fun – As long as you’re volunteering, let it be something you can enjoy! MTM provides all the tools you need to make it easy for your volunteers, so they can concentrate on the FUN!

MTM Makes it Fun – Speaking of fun, students LOVE seeing the MTM volunteers because they know it means an opportunity to release their creative side. Everyone wants to volunteer for the popular programs!

MTM Makes it Organized – The Implementation Guide provides detailed instructions on everything you need to run the program: program overview, scheduling, paper ordering, reminder notices, supply check-off lists, newsletter blurbs, and more.

MTM Makes a Difference – With MTM, your volunteers can make a difference that extends well beyond art class. Art education teaches so many skills that transfer to other subjects: motor skills, language development, academic enhancement, cultural awareness, decision making… the list goes on and on.

Meet the Masters provides incredible art education for children, plus the tools to make volunteers successful. And successful volunteers make successful programs. 

The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers. ~ Terri Guillemets