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December 3, 2010

Observing Meet the Masters in the Classroom

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Vista del Mar Elementary School in San Clemente, CA.  Kristy Johnson was the Meet the Masters instructor, and I was going to observe her teaching the Georgia O’Keeffe art project and snap a few shots of the “art masters” enjoying the lesson.

When I entered the first grade classroom, I noticed the framed artwork from an earlier Meet the Masters art project when the students were studying Rembrandt van Rijn.  The windmill projects turned out great and you could really see how the students were able to demonstrate shadows and lighting just like Rembrandt.

I love the idea of fastening clothespins to the wall in order to easily swap out art projects on the wall – brilliant.

Today, Mrs. Johnson was going to lead the student artists in a Georgia O’Keeffe art project where the students would be painting a landscape of hills (just like O’Keeffe would have done).  The students were very attentive as the instruction began with an overview of O’Keeffe’s biography and painting style.  She also reinforced the art concepts that were covered in the technique packet.  Mrs. Johnson then explained the art project and shared a few samples of what they were going to create using paint crayons (Payons):

The students were anxious to get going on their project and there was a hush that fell upon the classroom as the artists starting drawing their landscapes:

From start to finish the students had a great time learning about Georgia O’Keeffe and having the opportunity to paint a landscape in her style.

Soon, the artwork will dry and take the place of the windmills in the classroom art gallery.  It was very enjoyable to watch another classroom of artists enjoy Georgia O’Keeffe and Meet the Masters.

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